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Thanks to our SVTC Hybrid Accelerated Learning Platform we are able to conduct our one day a week, 96 hour 12 week combination classroom and testing days at Luxury High End Hotels for our valued students. Our SVTC Hybrid Accelerated Learning Platform allows our students the additional advantage and freedom to study online the remaining 144 hours required to meet the 240 required for their programs.


We understand that many students have personal responsibilities, single parent, stay at home mom, or even have jobs which would make a 9 month, 8 hour 5 day a week, commitment difficult if not even impossible on top of a huge tuition. We want to change this and make education easier, something attainable, lower cost and the investment of time required, which is also a cost, and make a professional education affordable for everyone. We have also reduced tuition's at least two thirds below the average tuition to help you to achieve your goals. What could you do with the thousands you have saved?

One of the reasons we are able to offer our lower 2/3rds off the standard tuition is because we cut our overhead cost by having our classes at High End Luxury Hotels versus the huge overhead of a standalone building and all the costs associated. There are additional ways we show how much we value our students on class days such as catered buffet lunches or dinners for classes of 20 students or more and we provide new personal laptops, that are yours to keep, for our Medical Administration and Medical Billing & Coding Students.

Interested in Part-Time work while taking classes? We have Professional Recruiters from Google, Facebook, Amazon but you can easily make income as well. If this sounds good to you please feel free to contact Patricia or Stevn they'll be happy to talk to you about our student program. You will be surprised what you can easily make on your free time.

Patricia Ayala CDM / Executive Director of Marketing

1.888.489.8832 ext 3

Stevn De Lozada CEO / COO

1.888.489.8832 ext 1

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