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Jodi English CDC


Executive Director of Curriculum & Development   |   1.888.489.8832  ext 4

Patricia Ayala CDM


Executive Director of Marketing, International Expansion Director South Americas   |   1.888.489.8832  ext 3



Joyce V


Title proceeded by resume...   |   1.888.489.8832  ext 5




Robert de Heer CCP


Certification and Curriculum Procurement Director   |   1.888.489.8832  ext 2

Rob is the Chief Technology Officer at AllRest Technologies and inventor of Opti-zzz™ Sleep Apnea technology. After struggling with Sleep Apnea for many years, Rob has developed a technical therapeutic solution for the condition much easier to tolerate than CPAP. Prior to Opti-zzz™, Rob has spent 15+ years as a transformational software architect that has produced successful scalable, cost effective, creative, and innovative online software solutions. Parallel to his career in software architecture, Rob has been an inventor and entrepreneur. In 1991, he founded Berkeley Polymer Technologies where he co-authored US patent number 6,348,119 for composite materials manufacturing method that reduces energy specification by 50%.  He also received substantial funding from the Danish Technological Institute and MacMillan Bloedell for polymer building material research. Rob holds a BA degree from UC Berkeley.

Jerrold Garcia CFO


Chief Financial Officer   |   1.888.489.8832  ext 6

Jerrold is the President of Precision Ophthalmic Services with 40 years in the Medical Field. His company serves all the Veteran Hospitals in California as well as Standford Hospital, UC Medical Center, Mt. Zion Hospital, Kaiser Hospitals, O'Connor Hospital, Santa Clara Hospital, Teaching Institutes, UCSF Ophthalmology, Stanford Health Center, San Francisco General Hospital, Proctor Foundation, California’s  Veterans Administrations, Veterinary Specialists, Emergency Hospitals, Laser Eye Centers and Lasik Centers.


Stevn De Lozada CEO / COO


Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Founder   |   1.888.489.8832  ext 1

Experienced Founder & CEO of three California Corporations, ENVOTECH INC. (Development, Construction, Manufacturing and sales of Energy Efficient Green Building Materials both domestic and internationally), THE MAISON SOCIETY (Affordable Housing Grant Funded Non Profit), and SILICON VALLEY TECH COLLEGE™ INC. (Private College).

Stevn also has a portfolio in the apparel and fashion industry as Founder, Owner, Producer, Publisher, Executive and Creative Director of four facets of the Fashion Industry, SAN JOSE FASHION WEEK
® (Intellectual Property, Registered Trademark, Fashion Trade Show & Reality Show Series, syndication, licensing and usage), THAT LOOK MODELS™ (Model & Artist Management, Intellectual Property, Registered Trademark), THAT LOOK MAGAZINE® (Publishing, Advertising, Writer, Registered Trademark).






1.888.489.8832  CORPORATE

Corporate Entity#: C-4014319   Business Tax ID:  1341633576

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